Financial Intel Course (1-6)


This is a 6 month course fused together as a package.You can download unto your system,print them out and enjoy reading it at your spare time.

The package contains a general financial formula for every Dick and Harry out there who desire to have enough to cater for all financial needs without being indebted to ANYONE!You would learn the most natural,organic way to grow your wealth just as your indebtedness continue to melt like ice cream in the mid day sun.

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Financial Intelligence is the awareness of your current financial status and knowing how to progress to greater heights from there.This is a special type of knowledge that we don’t get learn in school,yet,it’s so crucial for our financial growth.Little did most people know that their financial well being is NOT totally dependent on the activities of the government.As a matter of fact,you are responsible by nothing less than 90% for your present financial status!

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