About Us


At Naira Farm,we got regular but passionate guys about the project Nigeria…hence, the Name Naira Farm.

Having carefully explored all the business opportunities that are available we have decided to settle for network model. This is due to its high effectiveness when it comes to money making and the limitless number of people it can engage. To us in the Naira Farm, network marketing or more precisely Network Business,network business is the answer to the huge problem of unemployment among the youths in Nigeria.

The Naira Farm is built on the Naira not the Dollar

We have so many network businesses out there but advancing in such networks has proved to be a daunting task so much so that a good number of youths would not enroll.
From our observation in the Naira Farm,the problem is not the product or services rendered but the chosen currency of transaction. Most network businesses make use of the Dollar which fluctuates in value as against the Naira that’s ever constant. MELISFON for instance now cost N6 000 as against the N4 000 with which I registered. It’s not just the signup fee that goes up,the prices of the products/services also goes up with the appreciation of the Dollar. This is where the Naira Farm has the advantage.
In the Naira Farm signup fee is N100 and would remain as such! Why,because the Naira is our currency and therefore remain constant in value with respect to us Nigerians.

We are here to Make Life Easy for You and I

Come to think of it,if you are very serious about the Naira Farm, you can circle out in matter of weeks! In other words,you can make over N100 000 from a N100 investment. With this kind of make over,joining other high profit pulling networks like  HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE would be a breeze and getting people to fill in under you is a SURE BET!
We are here to help you to your feet financially the easiest way, consider us as the Kindergarten level in Network Business from where you can garner both the money and the down lines you’ll need to succeed in ANY network Business of your choice. I honestly don’t see why you won’t join in and begin your solo journey to wealth in abundance THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED EVEN IN THE DEEPEST RECESSION  AND DEPRESSION?!

“Network marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.”   -Robert Kiyosaki